The guiding principles of flag design, established by the North American Vexillological Association, are simple. In a recent TEDTalks, speaker Roman Mars, breaks down these principles in his presentation titled "Why City Flags May Be the Worst Thing You Never Noticed." You can find the video here. (NOTE: Video contains language that may not be suitable for children.)


Using the City of Chicago's flag as an example, the guiding principles are as follows:

1. Keep it simple. The design should be simple enough for a child to draw it from memory. You'll notice that Chicago's flag incorporates basic, distinct shapes that do not convolute the overall design.


2. Use meaningful symbolism. Your design should have meaning. In Chicago's flag, the two light blue stripes symbolize the two bodies of water located in the city, and the four stars symbolize significant events in Chicago's history (e.g., the Great Chicago Fire).


Need some inspiration for symbolism? Here are some some excellent starting points:


3. Stick to 2 or 3 basic colors. Part of keeping the design simple is using only a few colors that contrast each other well. Notice how Chicago's flag uses only three colors (white, light blue and red), and the red stars really stand out in contrast to the design as a whole.


4. No letters or seals. Keep in mind that most of the time, flags are typically viewed from a distance. Words and detailed designs such as seals don't withstand the test of distance. In Chicago's design, notice the lack thereof.


5. Be Distinctive. Remember, a flag should be unique and be symbolic of Cedar Park. Though you may use other flags, such as Chicago's, as inspiration, be sure to make your flag design, well, Cedar Park.


A few more things you may want to consider before you begin.

You will be asked to provide a short description of the symbolism you incorporate in your design. If you need some inspiration for symbolism in your design,, About Cedar Park and our 2015 Year in Review might be helpful resources.


In addition, the City of Cedar Park city logo has been at the forefront of Cedar Park's "brand." Although not required, you might find that tying the flag to our City logo will help make your design unique to our community. To help, below you'll find the color palette and color codes used in our city logo.

Light Green

RGB: 166,183, 45


Dark Green

RGB: 46, 124, 46



RGB: 160, 58, 8



Eligible participants must reside within the corporate boundaries of Cedar Park, Texas.


Elected city officials and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.


Participants must provide name, phone number, e-mail address and home address to be eligible.


Artwork submission constitutes agreement to the following:

  • City of Cedar Park is granted full ownership of artwork; and
  • City of Cedar Park is granted the right to modify submitted artwork.


Contact Mauro Lopez, Media and Communication Specialist at: or 512-401-5160






Contact Mauro Lopez, Media and Communication Specialist at: or 512-401-5160